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Disintegrated Politics in Maharashtra leaves citizens baffled.

Maharashtra : Disintegrated Maharashtra politics is beyond the understanding of common people; the daily arguments between Shiv Sena and BJP are leaving people betrayed because citizens gave vote for a powerful government not for the internal politics of the parties for the seats.

Maharashtra is writing it’s new history of politics which does not consists citizens, today Maharashtra’s politicians need to think for whom are they doing the politics and why?

(Bal Keshav Thackeray  founder of shivsena with BJP old big leaders)
Let’s talk about Shiv Sena’s argument of the Chief Minister’s seat, is Shiv Sena making its so long political theme weak or Shiv Sena’s continuous quarrel is making BJP stronger?

In such a situation, even though the paths of power in Maharashtra are currently being closed for the BJP. But the saying goes that when one way is closed, many paths also open. The results are currently looking negative for the BJP, but in a broader perspective, the current developments can be a profitable deal for him in the future. The field in Maharashtra is now fully open for the BJP and in the future political battle there will be an election battle between BJP vs. All Party. In such a situation, the BJP hopes that it can improve its result considerably by pushing the electoral table in 288 seats alone under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
However, the Shiv Sena may form a government with the Congress and NCP right now, but it will face difficulties in the political battlefield of the future. Now it has to be seen who gets benefit and who is harmed in this?

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